Anxiety is a mental illness marked by several traits in one’s behavior that are all uncomfortable and harmful to living the fullest possible life.

Anxiety treatment and anxiety counseling are the most effective ways to improve your symptoms. Anxiety may cause one to have incessant worrying, poor sleep patterns, irritability, difficulty concentrating, and a myriad of other symptoms.

Our approach for anxiety treatment as well as all illnesses is individualized for each person and situation.



Begin by normalizing the idea of having anxiety and and breaking down the stigmas and stereotypes that may be an influence.


Fixing sleep patterns is the next, most important step. This may be done through sleep hygiene practices or medication, but we have found that simply fixing sleep patterns may be a primary area that needs attention to create anxiety relief. Once sleep has been managed, we can diagnose more specifically the root of the anxious behaviors.


Our psychiatric providers assess and prescribe optimal medications for the short and long-term symptoms of anxiety. Anti-depressants are typically used as anti-anxiety medications as well, and medication may supplement treatment where best suited.

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