ADHD is commonly mistaken for hyperactivity. However, there are actually three subtypes of ADHD that leave the client with great discomfort and struggle to complete daily activities and tasks.



Begin by normalizing the idea of having ADHD and and breaking down the stigmas and stereotypes that may be an influence.


Although the acronym ADD is commonly used, it is actually referring to the formal diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). ADHD has 3 sub-types. Part of the diagnostic process is identifying the appropriate one:

  • #1: Inattentive ADHD: The first sub type is marked by the struggle to focus. This may make one struggling feel lazy or worthless because starting or finishing projects are a joyless challenge. These tasks may have brought happiness in the past but are now seen with a lack of focus and drive.
  • #2: Hyperactivity: The second type is Hyperactivity, which causes one to be continually moving and jumping around with thoughts and body. One may act socially inappropriate and constantly interrupt others, losing and misplacing items frequently, and never resting.
  • #3: Combination: The last subtype is combined where the client suffers from a combination of Inattentive and Hyperactivity.


We will make accommodations to school and work to help best fit the needs of our client. Medication and psychotherapy are used to help normalize behaviors in our clients, with a strong emphasis on cognitive behavioral therapy and behaviorism.

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